High voltage modular induction motors

ABB high voltage modular induction motors are designed to operate at the highest levels of efficiency, reliability and availability in the toughest and most demanding process applications.

All ABB high voltage modular induction motors are tailor-made to meet the precise needs of each customer and each application. Built from the motor industry’s most successful modular platform, each module is designed to match a broad variety of demanding application requirements while having the flexibility to be adapted to highly specific configurations.

The high-performance motors are available with all types of options, enclosures and cooling arrangements; they comply with all international standards; they are optimized for variable speed control; they pass through the most stringent of testing procedures at each stage of production; and they can be configured for the broadest range of applications – from pumps, fans and compressors to blowers, conveyors, crushers and ship thrusters.

Latest product news Jul 10, 2013: ABB introduces new high inertia motors for large fan applications
Latest product news May 30, 2013: ABB optimizes low inrush current motors for pump, compressor and extruder applications
Latest product news Nov 23, 2012: ABB launches high power pump motor with advanced rotor design


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