PCS6000 Wind

ABB’s medium-voltage frequency converter PCS6000 Wind provides the optimum solution for wind turbine applications where high power density and best reliability is required.

ABB’s 6000-series of liquid-cooled IGCT converters has an excellent reputation for endurable and reliable operation in various demanding industrial installations. The PCS6000 Wind is a perfect match for any large-scale wind turbine with the need for 3-8 MVA grid power interconnection. Thanks to the combination of well-proven components and an innovative technology, the PCS6000 Wind has an unmatched reliability and efficiency. The use of medium voltage technology results in lower currents and therefore in less space, less cabling and reduced system losses.

Main Characteristics
- Medium voltage IGCT technology
- 4 quadrant operation
- Fuseless design
- Fully water cooled
- Compact and modular design

Main Advantages
- Designed for high power wind turbines
- High reliability
- High efficiency
- Full grid code compliance
- High power density
- Maximum control of turbine speed and power

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