Single drive modules, ACS800-04

Power range:
0.55 to 1900 kW

Supply voltage:
3-phase, U2IN = 208 to 240 V, ± 10%, except nxR8i ACS800-04 modules
3-phase, U3IN = 380 to 415 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U5IN = 380 to 500 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U7IN = 525 to 690 V, ± 10%

ACS800-04 drives are single drive modules that are optimised for building into customers’ own cabinets. They have been designed to minimise the cabinet space used, make cabinet assembly as easy as possible, and give maximum fl exibility. The power range is from 0.55 to 1900 kW. All the drives, regardless of the power and voltage, have the same customer interface and I/O making system design and training easier.

The units have everything necessary built-in. That includes, for example, built-in chokes for harmonic filtering as standard, built-in braking chopper and built-in EMC filtering (both are optional in some frame sizes), making cabinet assembly easier. There is also a wide selection of different I/O and communications options.

In addition to these there is a selection of external accessories available.

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