ABB industrial drives, modules

Power converter modules DCS800-S0x are compactly designed to be installed into a customer's own cabinet. Modules enables OEM's, system integrators and panel builders to build their own drive solutions.

Compact and powerful

  • Single modules up to 5 200A
  • DC-voltage up to 1 500VDC,
  • AC-voltage up to 1 200V
  • High-power solutions up to 20 000A
  • hard parallel (without DC-chokes),
  • 12puls parallel, serial and sequential
Designed to ease your life
  • Comfortable and intuitive assistants
  • Autotuning of all internal controllers
  • Fully integrated field supply
Scalable to fit any application
  • Wide range of plug-on option modules
  • Peer-to-peer communication
  • Remote control by Ethernet
Programmable to meet application needs
  • Supported of all five IEC61131 languages
  • Standard programming tool CoDeSys
  • Pre-configured functions

Please also note the extended information.

Documents of DCS800 will be found in section Downloads and selected DCS800-S as Modules.


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