EssPro Energy Storage Power Conversion System (PCS)

ABB's EssPro PCS allows energy to be stored or accessed exactly when it is required. Able to connect to any battery type or energy storage medium, EssPro PCS brings together decades of grid interconnection experience and leadership in power conversion to provide seamless system integration and battery control.

EssPro PCS maximizes the use of the energy storage system to deliver exceptional returns on investment. Its modular design and advanced controls maximize the availability, value and performance of large or small energy storage systems in a variety of applications.

The EssPro PCS allows control of both real power (P) and reactive power (Q) based on the system requirement. Advanced control features in the “Generator Emulation” mode of operation making this storage system look like a true power system component. EssPro PCS offers power system load leveling, grid stabilization, grid compliance for renewable and generation systems and power quality improvement.

EssPro PCS advantages:

Modular design and flexible product
Easily deployable to support any project size from
50 kVA to 30 MVA

High availability
Built-in redundancy and protection system ensures lowest cost of ownership

Utility grade with advanced controls
Proprietary algorithms to enable a variety of storage applications

Expertise in grid operations and systems
For precise system control and performance

High performance in any climate
Designed to withstand harsh environments

Minimized risk due to proven technology
Global installed base with high reliability and strong track record


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