DriveSize helps to select an optimal motor, drive and transformer. DriveSize can also be used to compute network harmonics and to create dimensioning documents. It contains current versions of our motor and drive catalog.

Two versions are available, one for online users, and the other can be installed on a PC.

-> Link to online version DriveSize Web

-> Link to PC version DriveSize software download

Note: For Internet Explorer (IE). 8 it may be necessary to view the Drive Size Application in Compatibility View. To switch to Compatibility View: Go to IE 8 -> Tools - Compatibility view settings -> check "Display all websites in Compatibility view".

    For motion control systems also download the add-on MCSize component.

    -> Link to MCSize component download

    Additionally DriveChopper web tool is for braking chopper and resistor dimensioning.

    Selection of braking unit is based on user input, simulation and product database. The database is good for ACS800 multidrives and there are data for largest ACS800 single drives. The main input is the braking power as function of time. This tool creates tables and graphs where both input data and results are shown.

    Link to: DriveChopper

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