UNITROL® 1000-15 compact Automatic Voltage Regulator

This compact and reliable voltage regulator is mainly intended for small generators and industrial synchronous machines. The maximum output current for continuous operation is 15 A dc. The most advanced microprocessor technology together with IGBT semiconductors allows it to be used in all conceivable application areas.

Main features:

  • Automatic voltage control (digital) with adjustable PID controller
  • Power factor and reactive current controller with PID control algorithm
  • Excitation current regulator (manual control) with PI control
  • Various limiter and protection functions
  • Reactive power sharing for generators connected in parallel
  • Commissioning and Maintenance Tool CMT 1000
  • Voltage matching prior to synchronization
  • Serial communication (MODBUS)

Optional functions:
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Synchrocheck function
  • Monitoring of rotating diodes
  • Power System Stabilizer according to IEEE PSS 2A/2B
  • Enhanced monitoring functions, e.g. PT monitoring
  • Setpoint follow-up based on CAN communication, intended for redundant systems
  • External power module for 40 A dc continuous output current

Extension of the Excitation Current capability up to 40 A (continuously) using the UNITROL 1000-PM40 module

UNITROL 1000-PM40 is a microprocessor-controlled chopper with IGBT semiconductors. It is connected to a UNITROL 1000-15 AVR by CAN bus. This combination is called "UNITROL 1000-40" and it allows excitation field currents up to 40 A.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the front plate of the UNITROL 1000-PM40 provide the most important status information.

Additional settings or commissioning of UNITROL 1000-PM40 module is not required, since the power stage is automatically configured by the UNITROL 1000-15 module.

UNITROL 1000-40 is a perfect solution for retrofit applications where field current between 15 A and 40 A is required.

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