Based around a low voltage converter platform, the PCS100 provides wide bandwidth performance with a flexible and highly reliable modular redundant power electronic configuration, correcting power factor, flicker and other disturbances for renewable generation such as wind, solar and traditional industrial applications

The PCS100 STACOM is available in load capacities of 100kVAr to 10MVAr. New renewable generation such as wind and solar are becoming an increasingly important part of our electricity grid, but to meet grid connection requirements STATCOM products must often be fitted. By injecting reactive current under fault conditions the STATCOM will help the system ride through fault events. During normal generation it can correct for voltage flicker and power factor. The PCS100 STATCOM utilises advanced control allowing it to damp voltage disturbances in the electricity network. This is very important when recovering from a fault, event or in maintaining power system stability.

The PCS100 STATCOM is also suited to the traditional industrial applications, correcting flicker and other disturbances created by industrial loads, improving power quality and plant reliability and increasing network stability.

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