VTR: The Classic

The VTR turbocharger is designed for two-stroke, low-speed and four-stroke, medium-speed heavy-duty diesel engines (about 700 kW to 18,500 kW per turbocharger).

Major benefits for the engine manufacturer

  • A continuing program of development and testing work ensures that ABB turbochargers are always in the forefront of technology.
  • A comprehensive and confidential consultancy service is available, right from the earliest stages of new projects.
  • The modular concept of the VTR turbocharger with various casing configurations, turbine blades, nozzle rings and compressor wheels/diffusers, ensures the optimum match with all types and designs of engines.
  • An integrated lubrication system of the VTR turbochargers eliminates the need for a separate lubrication system, with its piping filters, oil tanks and safety features.
  • With their external, antifriction bearings, the VTR turbochargers can make a major contribution to improved power output and efficiency.
Major benefits for the engine user
  • VTR turbochargers give high reliability, and are designed for the life of the engine.
  • Precise manufacturing tolerances enable spare parts to be installed without the need for re-machining.
  • External bearings are easy to maintain. The rotor shaft can be removed without dismantling the gas manifolds, or pulling of the compressor wheels.
  • Low friction losses of the external antifriction bearings afford optimum operating performance of engines in part-load operation.
  • Connectors on the compressor side allow water cleaning during operation.
  • An experienced technical team is available to offer support in all aspects of operation.
  • A world-wide network of service stations offers 24-hour service availability.

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