Block Contactors

Featuring the well-appreciated AF technology as standard, the now complete range of ABB's AF contactors establishes a new industry benchmark :

- 4 kW to 560 kW, 400 V / AC-3
- 25 A to 2650 A, 690 V / AC-1
- 5 hp to 900 hp, 480 V / 3-phase motor rating
- 25 A to 2700 A, 600 V / general use rating
 The electronically controlled coil offers multiple benefits over conventional alternatives, and together with ABB’s wide product offering – an optimal configuration, every time.
Connect to Control.

Secure uptime
Time to prevent stoppages caused by voltage fluctuations.
The AF contactor ensures distinct operation in unstable networks and signifies a major advance in motor control and power switching. Voltage sags, dips and surges pose no threat.

Access global support
The contactor and motor protection range from ABB is designed in compliance with all major national and international standards and is available worldwide via a global distribution network.
The standard contactor coil now handles 100 V-250 V, AC/DC for use in Europe or Asia as well as North America.

Optimize logistics
With its contactor and motor protection range, ABB has managed to reduce the number of contactor coils needed for the standard voltage range to just four. The total number of product variants has been reduced by up to 90%. This simplifies the customers’ logistics and cuts administration costs.

Simplify design
By reducing the contactor's coil energy consumption by up to 80%, panels can be built smaller and transformers more compact. All the features of the AF technology, along with access to drawings and coordination tables online, simplifies your design and assembly process.

The AF contactor secures your uptime, gives you global support, optimizes your logistics and simplifies your design.

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