Automation Builder

Integrated engineering suite for AC500 PLCs, CP600 control panels, drives, motion control and robots.

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ABB Automation Builder is the integrated software suite for machine builders and system integrators wanting to automate their machines and systems in a productive way. Combining all of the tools required for configuring, programming, debugging and maintaining automation projects from a common intuitive interface, Automation Builder addresses the largest single cost element of most of today's industrial automation projects: software.

The suite contains the programming and configuration tool for the ABB AC500 PLC, Control Builder Plus, with Drive Manager and drive application programming as integrated plug-ins. Additionally included are the Panel Builder for touch panel programming and the motion engineering tool, MINT WorkBench. As a unique feature, ABB now includes the market leading offline robot programming and simulation tool, RobotStudio, providing customers with simple and fast interfacing of a PLC with a robot controller.

The underlying Automation Builder Platform allows common data storage and usage of common functionality by the integrated software tools. This new level of efficiency addresses major emerging problems in the industrial automation field, such as the trend to improve performance with more dynamic and complex control algorithms, the fast growing trend to incorporate much more sophisticated safety mechanisms, and the demand for much larger factory-scale automation networks.

For engineers, the integrated nature of the ABB Automation Builder delivers significant engineering efficiency improvements as well as simplified management and maintenance of the entire automation project. This helps to save time and to increase software quality by consistent data and software versions.

With the Automation Builder, various controller families can be combined in one automation project, and they can be configured and programmed from a single software suite. With a choice of various programming languages, the most suitable language for the particular application is available. At the same time, the USB-ROM distribution medium with a common installer ensures trouble-free and quick installation – on a customer-specific or project-specific basis.

The ABB Automation Builder contains the following components and functionalities for engineering AC500 PLCs, CP600 control panels, drives, motion control and robots:
  • Installation manager
  • Engineering platform
  • Engineering of AC500, AC500-eCo and AC500-XC PLCs
  • Configuration and programming of AC500-S Safety PLCs
  • Human Machine Interface – CP600 control panels
  • Configuration and programming of ACS drives
  • Motion control – MicroFlex e150 servo drive
  • Robot interface – IRC5 robot controller

With Automation Builder, we help customers to improve their engineering productivity.


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