Low Voltage Breakers



ABB Breakers Service carries out training programs. Those trainings can be either general or bespoke and have the aim of providing the personnel in charge of management/ maintenance with the necessary know-how to achieve an excellent level of operating ability in certain situations. The manager of an electrical site can find it convenient to have certain maintenance capabilities available within his own team.

The courses mainly cover:
  • operating equipment
  • maintenance principles;
  • repairs for small faults.
See this link for the courses available.

On completion of the training programme, the personnel trained are able to carry out routine maintenance on their own. The courses are held at the Training Centers or on individual sites (with practical sessions on the installed equipment).
The practical exercises can even be carried out with specialised ABB personnel working alongside the trainees during routine maintenance operations carried out at an individual site.

The circuit breaker training covers the following subjects:
  • The range of moulded case and air circuit breakers
  • Electrical characteristics and performances
  • Construction and functional characteristics
  • Versions and accessories
  • Spare part installation and operating instructions
  • Control and maintenance operations
  • Preventive operations
  • Pre-maintenance operations
  • Operations during service
  • Intervals for carrying out maintenance
  • Measures to be taken in the case of any service anomalies
  • Practical demonstrations
  • Assembly and dismantling of the main components of moulded case and air circuit breakers

Authorization Process
The ABB authorization process evaluates the ability of an individual to meet the skill and training requirements specified for a job and/or role. The individual’s supervisor certifies this ability. There are 3 levels of certification which are used to maintain competence criteria and record certification against personal development plans.
Level 1 training is offered through ABB’s e-Learning facility. This must be completed before enrolling to levels 2 and 3, the People Certificaton System.


Training for your personnel including supervisors, engineers, technicians, operators, programmers, maintenance personnel on ABB products, systems, processes and technology.


The skills of operations and maintenance personnel play a key role in equipment performance as well as maximizing return on investment. The benefits of training are as follows:
  • Efficient training from tailored courses
  • Personnel get trained in the operations to be carried out to set up a correct maintenance program.
  • Personnel are provided with the practical knowledge for control and maintenance operations on MCCBs and ACBs.
  • Personnel are trained to ensure the circuit breaker runs effectively and efficiently.
  • Utilization of in house maintenance resources.
  • Efficient teamwork between Local ABB product and service staff.

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