CMS - Control Units

Measure and operate smarter - Control Units are needed to process the sensor data, supply the sensors with power, get access to the measurement data locally or remotely and to do all the system configurations.

CMS-600 Control Unit
The CMS­600 system offers the possibility to measure AC and DC currents of up to 64 (2x 32) individual lines. For a quick and easy use the device has been equipped with a backlighted touch display. Special attention was paid to the menu navigation in order to create an intuitive system. It only takes a few clicks to reach the functions you want – or you can quickly return to your starting point. Complex user training is not necessary, either for initialisation or operational use. The measured data can be remotely queried by a 2­wire RS­485 interface. 247 identifiers can be set on the device. Thereby it is possible to aquire thousands of measurement points over one bus line. This means the CMS-600 can be used as a highly­efficient­measurement system, even in very large, extensively networked installations.

CMS-770 Control Unit
The CMS­770 Control Unit is a three­phase AC measurement device with the option to measure in additional eight individual AC circuits. The Energy Monitor offers a perfect integration within the existing building infrastructure. Depending on the environment the device can be connected via LAN or WLAN within a network. The measurement data gets stored in the device and can be visualized by an integrated webserver. The visualization can be done via PC browser or by Android­ and iOS apps. If needed it is also possible to do a manual or automatic CSV export of the measured data.

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