CMS - Current Measurement System

The CMS is an unique AC and DC multichannel branch monitoring system with a measurement range up to 80A. It increases the energy efficiency and the availability of every installation.

System overview

The CMS is a system for current measurement on electrical lines. The system consists of a Control Unit and sensors with the measurement ranges 20 A, 40 A and 80 A (TRMS, AC, DC). 247 identifiers can be set on the Control Unit. Therby it is possible to aquire thousands of measurement points over one single bus line. By a RS485 Modbus RTU interface the user can remotely query the data.

CMS Sensors

No space wasted here: everything is built into an 18-mm wide unit to enable precise and effective measurements. This compactness also allows to retrofit into already existing installations. The CMS-100PS series is rapidly mounted on all ABB low voltage installation devices with twin terminals. The CMS sensors measure alternating, direct and mixed currents (TRMS)

Ordering data

Type designator CMS-100PS (80A)
ABB number 2CCA880100R0001
EAN number 7612271419202

Type designator CMS-101PS (40A)
ABB number 2CCA880101R0001
EAN number 7612271419219

Type designator CMS-102PS (20A)
ABB number 2CCA880102R0001
EAN number 7612271419226

CMS Control Unit

The Control Unit is the communication interface of the system. Up to 64 sensors can be connected to each Control Unit. All the system configurations and measurement functions can be done by the touch display. Special attention was paid to create an intuitive concept for operations when the menu navigation for the CMS was designed.

Ordering data

Type designator CMS-600
ABB number 2CCA880000R0001
EAN number 7612271418700

CMS connection technology

To connect the sensors to the Control Unit you need a flat cable and insulation displacement connectors (IDC). The cable assembly is very easy. The insulation displacement connectors can be connected by applying a small amount of pressure to the flat cable - quick, easy and reliable.

Ordering data

Type designator CMS-800 (Flat cable 2m)
ABB number 2CCA880148R0001
EAN number 7612271419233

Type designator CMS-820 (Connector set 35 pc. )
ABB number 2CCA880145R0001
EAN number 7612271419240

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