Block Contactors

A45-22-00 125-127V 50Hz / 150V 60Hz

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General Information
Extended Product Type:
A45-22-00 125-127V 50Hz / 150V 60Hz
Product ID:
Catalog Description:
A45-22-00 125-127V 50Hz / 150V 60Hz Contactor
Long Description:
A45 4-pole contactors are mainly used for controlling non-inductive or slightly inductive loads (i.e. resistance furnaces...) and generally for controlling power circuits up to 690 V AC and 440 V DC. The contactors can also be used for many other applications such lighting... The A... series 4-pole contactors are of the block type design. - Main poles and auxiliary contact blocks: 2 N.O. + 2 N.C. main poles, front and side-mounted add-on auxiliary contact blocks - Control circuit: AC operated with laminated magnet circuit - Accessories: a wide range of accessories is available.
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Minimum Order Quantity:
1 piece
Customs Tariff Number:
Product Net Width:
92.0 mm
Product Net Depth:
119.5 mm
Product Net Height:
110.0 mm
Product Net Weight:
1.400 kg
Container Information
Package Level 1 Units:
1 piece
Package Level 1 Width:
142 mm
Package Level 1 Length:
190 mm
Package Level 1 Height:
136 mm
Package Level 1 Gross Weight:
1.40000 kg
Package Level 1 EAN:
Package Level 2 Units:
63 piece
Ambient Air Temperature:
Near Contactor for Operation in Free Air (0.85 - 1.1 Uc) -40 ... +55 °C
Near Contactor for Operation in Free Air (Uc) -40 ... +70 °C
Close to Contactor for Storage -60 ... +80 °C
Maximum Operating Altitude Permissible:
3000 m
Resistance to Shock acc. to IEC 60068-2-27:
Shock Direction: A 20 g
Closed, Shock Direction: B1 10 g
Open, Shock Direction: B1 5 g
Shock Direction: B2 15 g
Shock Direction: C1 20 g
Shock Direction: C2 20 g
RoHS Status:
Following EU Directive 2002/95/EC August 18, 2005 and amendment
Rated Operational Current AC-1 (Ie):
(690V) 40°C 70 A
(690V) 55°C 60 A
(690V) 70°C 50 A
Number of Main Contacts NO:
Number of Main Contacts NC:
Number of Auxiliary Contacts NO:
Number of Auxiliary Contacts NC:
Rated Control Circuit Voltage (Uc):
50 Hz 125 … 127 V
60 Hz 150 V
Terminal Type:
Screw Terminals
Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)
CSA Certificate:
cUL Certificate:
Declaration of Conformity - CE:
EAC Certificate:
GOST Certificate:
RoHS Information:
UL Certificate:
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