Bar mounted contactors

Bar mounted contactors are largely used in the iron and steel industry for traction (rolling stock), electrolysis and hoisting equipment for applications from 63A to 5000A.


The R series contactors are built on a main frame supporting the electro-magnet, the main poles and the auxiliary contacts.
This design offers a great construction flexibility for the standard contactors as well as for the tailor made versions :

  • variable number of poles acc. to requirements
  • poles without or with blow-out coils, rated for the current flow in the poles
  • N.O. poles
  • N.C poles set "make before break" or "break before make" when combined with N.O. poles
  • large number of standard, timed, adjustable N.O. and N.C. auxiliary contacts
  • electro-magnets with specific features depending on both the control voltage supply and the utilization characteristics.


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