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General Information
Extended Product Type:
Product ID:
Catalog Description:
BC6-30-10-P-05 Mini Contactor
Long Description:
The BC6-30-10-P mini contactor is a compact 3 pole contactor with 1 auxiliary contact and soldering pins. They are ideally suited for applications where reliability is a must and space is at a premium. Mini contactors are used in residential buldings, commercial buildings and industrial applications for the control of single or three-phase loads up to 4 kW (AC-3) and 20 A / 690 V (AC-1) or switching of control signals. Further features are the noiseless and hum-free coil and a switch position indication.
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Identifier Description Type
GJL1201319R0003 CA6-11M-P Auxiliary Contact CA6-11M-P
GJL1201319R0004 CA6-11N-P Auxiliary Contact CA6-11N-P
GJL1201319R0002 CA6-11E-P Auxiliary Contact CA6-11E-P
Minimum Order Quantity:
1 piece
Customs Tariff Number:
Product Net Width:
47.5 mm
Product Net Height:
45.5 mm
Product Net Depth:
51.5 mm
Product Net Weight:
0.170 kg
Container Information
Package Level 1 Units:
10 piece
Package Level 1 Width:
108.0 mm
Package Level 1 Height:
69.0 mm
Package Level 1 Length:
247.0 mm
Package Level 1 Gross Weight:
1.775 kg
Package Level 1 EAN:
Number of Poles:
Mini Contactor Type:
Mini Contactor
Rated Operational Voltage:
Auxiliary Circuit 12 ... 240 V DC
Auxiliary Circuit 12 ... 500 V AC DC
Main Circuit 12 ... 690 V AC DC
Main Circuit 690 V AC
Rated Frequency (f):
Control Circuit DC
Main Circuit 60 Hz
Main Circuit 50 Hz
Main Circuit DC
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp):
Auxiliary Circuit 6 kV
Main Circuit 6 kV
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui):
690 V
acc. to UL/CSA 600 V
Number of Main Contacts NC:
Number of Main Contacts NO:
Rated Operational Current AC-1 (Ie):
(220/240V) 40°C 12 A
(220/240V) 55°C 12 A
(380/440V) 40°C 12 A
(380/440V) 55°C 12 A
(690V) 40°C 6 A
(690V) 55°C 6 A
Rated Operational Power AC-3 (Pe):
(220 / 230 / 240V) 2.20 kW
(400V) 4.00 kW
(400V) Three Phase 4.00 kW
(440V) 4.00 kW
(500V) 4.00 kW
(690V) 3.00 kW
Rated Short-time Withstand Current (Icw):
at 40°C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 10s 64 kA
Number of Auxiliary Contacts NC:
Number of Auxiliary Contacts NO:
Conventional Free-air Thermal Current (Ith):
Main Circuit 12.00 A
Rated Control Circuit Voltage (Uc):
220 ... 240 V DC
Coil Operating Limits:
(acc. to IEC 60947-4-1) for DC supply 0.85 ... 1.1 x Uc (at θ ≤ 55 °C)
Degree of Protection:
Auxiliary Circuit Terminals IP20
Control Circuit Terminals IP20
Main Circuit Terminals IP20
Mechanical Durability:
10000000 cycle
Maximum Electrical Switching Frequency:
AC-1 300 cycles per hour
AC-15 360 cycles per hour
AC-3 600 cycles per hour
DC-1 600 cycles per hour
DC-13 360 cycles per hour
DC-3 600 cycles per hour
Mounting on DIN Rail:
TH35-7.5 (35 x 7.5 mm Mounting Rail) acc. to IEC 60715
TH35-15 (35 x 15 mm Mounting Rail) acc. to IEC 60715
Power Loss:
Per Pole 2 W
IEC/EN 60947-1
IEC/EN 60947-4-1
IEC/EN 60947-5-1
UL 60947-1
UL 60947-4-1
Ambient Air Temperature:
Operation -20 ... +55 °C
Storage -40 ... +80 °C
Maximum Operating Altitude Permissible:
2000 m
Resistance to Shock acc. to IEC 60068-2-27:
11 ms Pulse 15g
Resistance to Vibrations acc. to IEC 60068-2-6:
5g / 5 ... 150 Hz
RoHS Status:
Following EU Directive 2002/95/EC August 18, 2005 and amendment
Technical UL/CSA
Maximum Operating Voltage UL/CSA:
Main Circuit 600 V AC
Horse Power Rating UL/CSA:
208V AC Three Phase 1.00 Hp
220 ... 240V AC Three Phase 2.00 Hp
440 ... 480V AC Three Phase 3.00 Hp
550 ... 600V AC Three Phase 1.00 Hp
General Use Rating UL/CSA:
300V AC 8.00 A
Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)
BV Certificate:
CB Certificate:
CCC Certificate:
cUL Certificate:
Declaration of Conformity - CE:
DNV Certificate:
EAC Certificate:
GL Certificate:
LR Certificate:
RMRS Certificate:
RoHS Information:
UL Certificate:
Object Classification Code:
ETIM 4.0:
EC000066 - Magnet contactor, AC-switching
ETIM 5.0:
EC000066 - Magnet contactor, AC-switching
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