SACE Emax 2

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Thanks to the exclusive Power Controller function, the available power can be utilized more efficiently and cleaner energy can be used. The Power Controller, patented by ABB, disconnects non-priority utilities during the times when consumption limits need to be respected and connects them again as soon as it is appropriate. When required, Emax 2 automatically activates auxiliary power supplies such as generator sets. The Ekip Touch trip units measure power and energy with precision and save the most recent alarms, events and measurements in order to prevent faults to the installation or trip effectively when necessary. The exclusive Network Analyzer function controls the quality of energy in real time.
The innovative Ekip Touch and Hi Touch protection trip units in the G version include all functions of generator protection switchgear, offering a safe control solution that is ready to use and requires no external devices, wiring or inspections.

All circuit-breakers can be equipped with communication units for use with Modbus, Profibus and Devicenet protocols and with the modern Modbus TCP, Profinet and Ethernet IP protocols, which can be installed directly on the terminal box at any time. The integrated IEC61850 communication module enables connection to automation systems and intelligent networks (Smart Grids).
Accurate measurements of current, voltage, power and energy are all available by means of the communication modules and allow the trip units to be used as multimeters.
All circuit-breaker functions are also accessible via the Internet, in complete safety, through the Ekip Link switchgear supervision system and the Ekip Control Panel operator panel. The power and auxiliary connections are optimized to simplify connection to the switchgear. The power terminals, which can be oriented horizontally or vertically, have been designed for the most common busbars, while the push-in connections of the auxiliaries ensure immediate and safe wiring.

The SACE Emax 2 range is made up of 4 sizes: E1.2, E2.2, E4.2 and E6.2 up to 6300A, which enable switchgear of compact dimensions and high ratings to be built, with busbars of reduced length and cross-section.The protection trip units, auxiliary connections and main accessories are the same throughout the range to simplify design and installation. Furthermore, the sizes from E2.2 to E6.2 have the same height and depth. The rating levels are updated and uniform throughout the sizes to meet the demands and needs of today’s installations, from 42kA to 200kA, and to standardize switchgear projects. High short-time currents, together with the efficiency of the protection functions, guarantee complete selectivity in all situations.Accurate design and choice of materials enable optimization of the overall dimensions of the circuit-breaker. In this way switchgear of compact dimensions can be built and outstanding savings at the same performance can be obtained.
Easy of use and safety
The entire range is available in fixed and withdrawable versions, with double insulation between the front of the switchgear and the live parts to ensure operation in complete safety. The circuit-breakers can be powered indifferently from above or below. All essential information is available in the central area of the front shield and enables immediate identification of the status of the circuit-breaker: open, closed, ready to close, charged and discharged springs. Maintenance is simply and safe. Thanks to the new front shield, the main accessories can be frontally accessed without completely removing it.
The Ekip Touch protection trip units are equipped with a large colour touch-screen display which enables safe and intuitive operation. Furthermore the Ekip units can be programmed and consulted from a tablet, smart phone or portable PC via the Ekip Connect application, which allows the parameters of the safety devices calculated in the DOC software to be set automatically.The trip units are easily interchangeable from the front of the circuit-breaker, and all communication units can be installed directly on the terminal box with a few simple operations.

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