Low Voltage Breakers
Installation and Commisioning


Installation and Commisioning

Correct installation and commissioning will ensure a high degree of operational reliability. To achieve a trouble-free start up, it is required that ABB installation and commissioning procedures are followed.
We provide comprehensive installation and commissioning documentations, as: The Low Voltage Breakers organization is also available to support both end users and PanelBuilder/Installers in a safe and correct installation and commissioning.


Here some example of services provided:

  • Installation of upgrades and retrofits;
  • Personalization of Circuit breakers with accessories or conversion kits;
  • Modbus Communications analysis check of Breakers in a Switchgear with Ekip T&P tools;
  • Adjustment of Mechanical devices (i.e. mechanical interlocls);
  • Insulation level testing.
  • Putting into service operations;
  • Setting of device parameters for trip unit of Circuit Breakers;
  • Setting of device parameters for communication modules;
  • Communications check.
  • Operation and Maintenance training of Products;
  • Product User Documentation.


Customer Benefit:
  • Reliable switchgear from the first day of operation;
  • Lower risk for shut down;
  • Faster start-up;
  • Optimum life cycle performance.

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