ArTu K

The K range of ArTu cabinets comprises components for making floor-mounted cabinets, in the form of kits.

ArTu K cabinets are available in the following sizes:
- Three useful height sizes: 1600, 1800 and 2000 mm, to which the H=100 mm plinth with removable front/rear flanges must be added
- Four useful working width sizes: 390, 600, 800 and 1000 mm
- Six useful depth sizes: 150 mm (for 630 A fixed Tmax), 225 mm (for 800 A fixed Tmax T6), 300 mm (for 1600 A fixed Tmax T7), 500 mm (for 1600 A fixed Tmax T7), 700 mm (for up to E3 3200 A withdrawable Emax) and 900 mm (for up to E4 4000 A withdrawable Emax). The Tmax XT series can be installed on any of these depths.

Form 2, 3 and 4 segregation compartments can be created inside 500, 700 and 900 mm depth ArTu K cabinets.

The range of ArTu K cabinets meets all the typical installation requirements for primary and secondary distribution switchgear in industrial and service-providing sectors, such as Power Centers, secondary distribution switchgear and substations.

Functional specifications
• Sturdy structure
• IP31 certified protection class for versions without doors, IP41 without door but with accessories, IP65 for versions with doors.
• Base and top are supplied pre-assembled by means of a connection joint with three screws
• Bottom plate pre-engineered with flanges for routing cables
• 100 mm plinth complete with removable flanges already fitted to the structure
• Posts with multi-function hinges
• Choice between two functional frames, either open or closed to suit the type of switchgear; non-segregated and segregated, respectively.
• Blind (IP65) and ventilated (IP41) side panels
• Blind and glass doors that can be installed on all sides
• The cabinets are pre-engineered for installation of System pro M modular apparatus, T series, XT series Tmax moulded-case circuit-breakers and Unifix systems up to 400 A
• Kits for installing apparatus and circuit-breakers
• DIN rail kit in extruded aluminium
• DIN rail pre-engineered for assembly of 60x80 vertical raceway designed to house the accessories used for assembling the horizontal duct
• 300 mm cable compartments or structures can be installed alongside
• Up to 3200 A shaped bars
• Up to 6300 A flat bars
• Maximum modular capacity per unit: from 192 to 468 DIN modules

Technical specifications

Compliance with StandardCEI EN 60439-1/IEC 61439 -1 -2
IP protection class31 without door
41 without door with accessories
65 with door
IK mechanical impact ratingIK09 with glass doorIK10 with blind door
Rated service voltage Ueup to 1000 V
Rated insulation voltage Uiup to 1000 V
Rated frequency 50-60 Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp8 kV
Rated current InUp to 6300 A
Rated short-circuit short-time withstand current IcwUp to 105 kA
Rated peak short-circuit current IpkUp to 254 kA
Colour of structureRAL 7035 with orange-peel finish
Plinth colourRAL 7012 with orange-peel finish
Type of materialSteel sheet
Type of installationIndoors
Installation conditionsWall/floor
Temperature and humidity conditions (t°/Ur%)Constant23°C/83% - 40°C/93%
Variable23°C/98% - 40°C/98%
Ambient temperature rangeFor operation- 5°C + 40°C
For storage- 25°C + 55°C


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