System pro E Power

System pro E Power, ABB's pioneering new solution for main distribution switchboards with rated current up to 6300A and short-circuit current up to 120kV, meets all plant requirements depending on the type of installation, required degree of protection and the electrical and mechanical specifications.

The range of System pro E Power structures can create many switchboard configurations while guaranteeing flexibility and a certified product. Up to 120 different configurations can be assembled with a just a few part numbers. This new series features a structure in hot-dip galvanized sheet steel that guarantees equipotential bonding of the switchboard.

IP protection degrees for all types of applications, i.e. up to IP65, can be obtained. It is the only switchboard to reach such a high value.
Certification was achieved after stringent tests involving the entire configuration (structure, circuit breakers and busbar system), thus systems conforming to the new international standard IEC 61439-1-2 can be created by following ABB's instructions.

In addition, System pro E Power guarantees full synergy with all the other ABB apparatus (i.e. modular circuit-breakers, Tmax T and XT moulded-case circuit-breakers, Emax 2 air circuit-breakers) while being extremely simple to assemble and ensuring ease of wiring. ABB apparatus can be installed inside the switchboards with high-level integration and optimized use of the available space thanks to the new modules, i.e. 150mm in height, as well as the usual 200mm modules.

The circuit-breakers can be internally separated from Form 1 to Form 4b.

Technical characteristics

Compliance with Standard IEC 61439-1-2
Vibration test Secondo la Norma IEC 60068-2-57
Seismic withstand capability test Secondo la Norma IEE Std 693
Rated service voltage Ue Fino a 1000V AC - 1500V DC
Rated insulation voltage Ui Fino a 1000V AC - 1500V DC
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage 12kV
Rated current In Fino a 6300A
Rated short-time withstand current Fino a 120kA
Rated peak short-circuit current Fino a 264kA
IP protection class IP30, IP31, IP40, IP41, IP65
Functional dimensions Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Depth (mm)
1800, 2000mm
300, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1250mm
200, 300, 500, 700, 900mm

Functional characteristics
The System pro E Power switchboard range is characterized by ultra-sturdy and safe construction, thanks to the new laser-beam welded upright with 13 folds.
  • The structure can be assembled to suit different logic sequences.
  • Just a few part numbers for 120 enclosure sizes.
  • Can be assembled with or without plinth.
  • Upright with two different surface levels per side so that different kits can be installed.
  • New ergonomic handle allowing the door to be opened towards the right or left.
  • New busbar systems using the same components: cross-pieces, mounting plates and multifunction insulating supports able to house 5 or 10mm thick flat or shaped busbars.
  • Flexible busbar connections.
  • New mounting plates with rapid click-in system.
  • Panels with .-turn screws.
  • Circuit-breaker kits fixed straight onto the uprights.
  • Internal segregation partitions created by simply adding accessories in sequence.
  • New handle allowing different inserts to be housed.
  • New, simple assembly sequence.
  • Error-free assembly of the structure, which is perfectly symmetrical.
  • Modular uprights and cross-pieces joined together by means of a patented new system with axial screws.
  • Dedicated kits for 3-pole moulded-case circuit-breakers and common kits for 3- and 4-pole moulded case circuit-breakers.
  • Same front panels for fixed and swing frames, and for screwed and hinged solutions.
  • Two front panel height sizes available (150 and 200mm) for the DIN rail kit.


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