Internal kits

Internal kits
The switchboards can be assembled very quickly even when extremely complex apparatus is involved thanks to the innovative internal kits designed for System pro E Power. They match perfectly with the new uprights and crosspieces with double fixing levels and are available for air and moulded-case circuit-breakers, switch-disconnectors, modular circuit-breakers and internal segregation partitions.

Kits for Emax 2 air circuit-breakers
Available for all sizes from E1.2 to E6.2 in fixed and withdrawable versions. Sturdy and simple, they meet the requirements of all applications, from 630 to 6300A.

Kits for Tmax XT and Tmax T moulded-case circuit-breakers
Available for XT1 to XT4 and T4 to T7 circuit-breakers up to 1600 A.

Kits for System Pro M and XT1 and XT3 moulded-case circuit-breakers
Available for all modular circuit-breakers and for XT1 and XT3 moulded-case circuit-breakers The DIN rail provides two pre-engineered assembly positions, corresponding to the depth of System pro M and Tmax XT circuit-breakers, respectively.

The major innovations include the common kit for 3- and 4-pole circuit-breakers installed horizontally and the 150mm height panel, which allows more circuit-breakers to be installed in the same unit than the 200mm panel solution.

Plate for Tmax XT and Tmax T moulded-case circuit-breakers

  • Holes with shaped openings for rear connections for 3P circuit-breakers; pre-cut holes included for 4P
  • Holes for front terminals, with connections that proceed behind the plate for fixed circuit-breakers
  • Holes for front terminals with connections routed from the side

Kits for OT switch-disconnectors
Available for OT up to 1600 A both in the vertical and horizontal versions (160A, 200A, 250A, 315A, 400A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A).

“Spacesaving” column
The “space-saving” column is an extra opportunity in addition to the offer of the System pro E Power range of switchboards and is made up of one reduced fixed frame (H=1800mm or H=2000mm) for W=400mm columns with two fixed positions for the kit exclusively dedicated to E1.2 and E2.2, up to 2500A.

In order to complete this solution, blind panel with different heights, modular or instrument panels are available.

In addition, the same front panels can be used both for fixed and swing frame, and for screwed and hinged solutions:
  • Fixed frame, 2000 and 1800mm in height and with different widths. The useful height of the switchboard can be used to full advantage up to 6300A and IP65
  • Swing frame, with same height and width of the fixed frame (excluding W=1000mm) reduces the available useful space by 100mm. After its opening, it is possible to remove all the internal panels at once or one by one. Up to 6300A and IP65.

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