Distribution Systems

The distribution systems that can be used inside System pro E Power switchboards meet the requirements of all applications, with 250A to 6300A configurations.

Linear and scaled solutions are available and allow the busbars to be installed in any position: horizontally, under the top, on the bottom and at each height; vertically, along the side or at the rear and in the cable compartment.

  • same multifunction insulating supports able to house flat busbars 5 and 10mm thick and shaped busbars ( “click in” installation method for the linear version)
  • the center distance between phases can be increased for the linear version by simply sliding the insulation support fastenings along the crosspieces
  • same fixing crosspieces for both linear and scaled solutions
  • stainless steel crosspieces for applications with In ≥ at 4000A to limit the effect of stray currents

The capacity of the busbars is as follows:
  • flat copper busbars up to 6300A
  • shaped profile busbars up to 2500A
  • flat Cuponal copper and aluminum busbars up to 3200 A

The new busbar holder consists of:
  • a polyamide insulating support (maximum operating temperature 130 °C) featuring shaped grooves for the busbars and pins for fixing to the crosspieces, able to house both flat and shaped profile busbars;
  • crosspieces available in different lengths, made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet for In <4000A current values or crosspieces in AISI 304 stainless steel for In ≥4000A current values.

The linear system can house flat busbars (5 and 10mm thick) and shaped profile busbars in copper. Lastly, the crosspieces can be coupled on the external side to make the busbar system sturdier.

The scaled busbar holder can house flat busbars up to 2000A or shaped busbars up to 1600A.
The insulating support is a single unit that can be screwed onto the crosspiece with the aid of a threaded spacer. The linear system is connected to the distribution busbars with tie rods, which are the same for all types of busbars.

The scaled insulating supports house 5mm flat busbar systems on one side, while the other side houses 10mm flat busbars and all shaped profile busbars.

Flexible busbars up to 1250A
For specific needs, System pro E Power allows flexible busbars (isolated self-extinguishing material) to be used from 160 to 1250 A.

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