Internal segregation kits

The different segregation Forms, (Form 2a, 2b, 3a and 4b) can be created in the new System pro E Power main distribution switchboard. Generally speaking, the basic segregation Form of the circuit-breaker kits (Form 1) passes to Form 4b by adding different accessories in sequence, depending on the case in question.

Segregation Form 2a-3a can be obtained with:

  • Fixed circuit-breakers with front or rear terminals
  • Withdrawable or plug-in circuit-breakers with rear terminals

Segregation Form 2a - 3a, designed for structures with D≥500mm, is created with side closing elements for the compartment and universal horizontal shelves to install between kits with different depths (D≥38mm), and above and below the kit compositions (top and bottom).
Blind compartments are specially created to fill the empty spaces inside the structure, while there are special closing segregations for DIN rails. The blind compartments are not suitable for fixing accessories. Install a blind bottom plate and panel if required.

Segregation Form 2b can be obtained by a combination of:
  • pre-cut or blind H=800/1000mm side walls that cover the structure at the side along its entire height and with horizontal
  • vertical shelves for busbar segregation in structures with or without intermediate upright, for external and internal cable compartments.

Some vertical walls are pre-cut so as to accommodate the busbars.

Segregation Form 3b is obtained by segregating the busbars from all the functional units, adding dedicated accessories for the installation of horizontal or vertical circuit-breakers.In particular:
  • the horizontal circuit breakers are segregated by means of sliding vertical rear separators that divide the input and output terminals,
  • the vertical circuit-breakers have a modular horizontal separator.

The busbar side is segregated by panels fixed to the sides and bottom of the structure between the uprights.

Segregation Form 4b is obtained:
  • for horizontal circuit-breakers by means of cubicles that completely isolate the circuit-breaker terminals. The rear part of the segregation is created by a Lexan panel fixed with a dedicated shelfet and shelves, depending on the depth of the circuit-breaker.
  • for vertical circuit-breakers by duplicating the codes of the vertical bottom segregations and vertical side segregations used for Form 3b, closing the circuit-breaker compartment and installing an additional vertical side segregation on the output side.

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