4670 Series Turbidity Systems

High range turbidity measurement

ABB’s 4670 series turbidity systems are available as in-situ dip systems suitable for turbidity measurement in open channels and tanks or as a flow-through design suitable for water applications that have high turbidity values. Measurement ranges are configurable between 0 to 100 FTU up to 0 to 2000 FTU. All systems are provided with ABB’s auto-cleaning function and available with dry secondary calibration standards for accurate reliable turbidity measurement with reduced cost of ownership.
  • Flexible installation
    — Immersion and flow-through sensors
    — Wall and panel mount transmitters
  • Automatic sensor cleaning
    — Reduces maintenance requirements
    — Optimizes performance sensitivity
  • Secondary standards for calibration verification
    — Accurate, repeatable, safe, simple
    — Realize significant cost savings by reducing the use of primary standards
  • Reliable and accurate measurement
    — In-built sensor diagnostics
    — Automatic bubble rejection to compensate for erroneous readings due to degassing

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