PME120 (Contrac)

Part Turn Actuator with integrated or separate electronics

Compact actuator for the operation of final control elements with preferably 90° rotary movement such as flaps, cocks etc. The torque is transfered via a lever / linkage bar assembly or the actuator is directly coupled to the cock flange.
  • Stallproof without the need for position- or torque dependent switch off
  • Adjustable mechanical limit stops
  • Microprocessor-contolled power electronics located in actuator or in separate housing. Integrated sensors for position and temperature
  • Conventional signal interface (0/4 ... 20 mA / 24 V). Digital Communication via RS 232 and FSK / HART(Option)
  • Additional functions, e. g. process controller, maintenance micro processor, programmable output characteristic
  • Integrated Electronic Unit optionally


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