XFC 6413 G4 (Differential)

A Differential (Orifice) Meter

The XFCG4 6413 includes an Integral Multivariable Transducer (XIMV) to measure differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature from a single differential pressure meter run. The XIMV is housed in a shielded environmentally protected enclosure which is mounted inside the flow computer enclosure and is characterized and calibrated at Totalflow’s factory. Multi-tube capability (up to 20 tubes) is available in each unit and is easily invoked with a few configuration changes and interface connection to external transducers, either digital or analog. I/O modules can be added to extend the hardware I/O capability. The XFCG4 6413 accommodates up to three (3) TFIO modules and the unit is powered by an internal battery up to 26AH that can be solar charged (or other suitable DC supply) for remote unattended operation.


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