Conductivity Products

Electrolytic conductivity is the ability of a liquid to pass an electric current. Our comprehensive range is used in many industries as a means of measuring water quality or the concentration of a chemical solution. The measuring system comprises two parts; an analyzer and a sensor, also known as a cell.

Conductivity Analyzers

Conductivity Cells
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Default web image 2(Clockwise starting from left). AC212 carbon/epoxy flow-through, AC220 stainless steel fixed cable, AC213/0  carbon/epoxy submersible, AC210 carbon/epoxy terminal head, AC220 stainless steel detachable cable – cell constant (K) = 0.01, AC220 stainless steel detachable cable – cell constant (K) = 0.01
Four comprehensive product ranges:
- ACA592 2-wire, explosion proof (flameproof)
- AX400 4-wire, general purpose
- TB82 2-wire, hazardous area, general purpose
- TB84 4-wire, hazardous area, general purpose
Extensive range of industry-proven conductivity cells in carbon and stainless steel variants
Measuring techniques for use in a wide range of applications:
- 2-electrode for low conductivity
- four-electrode for high conductivity
- electrode-less (toroidal) for dirty media
All ABB cells have a guaranteed ±1 % cell constant and temperature compensation elements

The conductivity sensor system can be selected to suit a specific application from an extensive range of well-proven conductivity cells.

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