Gas Chromatographs

ABB On-Line Process Gas Chromatographs (PGCs)

ABB on-line process gas chromatographs (PGCs) are comprised of two series: The PGC2000 E2 and the PGC5000. The PGC2000 E2 measures discrete hydrocarbons up to C26 in HPI streams. This base PGC is also used in specialty analyzers for measuring fuel Sulfurs and speciates Sulfurs, refinery distillation analysis and temperature programmed analyzer for measuring hydrocarbon streams with a wide range of boiling points. The PGC5000B is used to measure up to C26 in simple applications with a fixed set of features.

Our offering

  • PGC2000

    Process Gas Chromatograph - Standard

  • PGC2005

    Process Gas Chromatograph - Temperature Programmed

  • PGC5000

    Process Gas Chromatograph - Innovation Based on 50 Years of Technology

  • PGC2002

    Process Gas Chromatograph - Simulated Distillation

  • PGC2009

    Process Gas Chromatograph - Fast GC

  • PGC5007B

    PGC5000 Series PGC5007B Total Sulfur Analyzer


Process Gas Chromatograph - Field mount

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