Vortex Flowmeters

ABB's vortex flowmeters offer best-in-class flow measurement for a wide range of applications

The robust design of ABB’s vortex flowmeters provides high performance and reliability in liquid, gas and steam measurements. Equipped with digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced filtering techniques, these innovative flowmeters from ABB allow excellent flow signal detection and provide measurement immunity from the effects of hydraulic noise and pipeline vibration.
    • Size range:
      DN15 … DN300 (1/2" to 12")  flanged
      DN25 … DN150 (1" to 6")  wafer
    • §Medium temperature up to 400 °C (750 °F)
    Benefits for your process:
      • No moving parts in the pipe, no wear, no maintenance
      • Sensor memory for easy exchange of transmitters
      • Direct mass flow output through compensation due to integrated temperature measurement

    Our offering

    • FSV430

      ABB`s latest generation of Vortex flowmeters for measurement of gases, liquid and steam

    • FV4000

      ABB's proven and established vortex flowmeter for reliable flow measurement for liquids, gases and steam.

    • FSV450

      ABB`s latest generation of Vortex flowmeters with enhanced flow computer functionality for  gases, liquid and steam

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