Modular DIN Rail Products

Modular DIN Rail Power Distribution Products offer a wide range of protective functions that can improve the operation and protection of distribution panels and equipment control panels. ABB offers branch circuit protection and current limiting without fuses in this space efficient modular design.

Product Overview

    Miniature circuit breakers offer UL and CSA approved branch or supplemental circuit protection. This protection includes current limiting and guaranteed coordination with other ABB Tmax circuit breakers
    High Capacity Branch Circuit Breakers offer higher capacity in a space saving modular package
    High Performance Circuit Breakers offer the performance specifications needed for the most demanding applications
    Surge Protective Devices TVSS are available for Incomming service protection, equipment protection and data and telecomm level protection
    ABB's Plug-in Distribution system - smissline set the standard for faster installation and ability to install any of ABB modular products safely and cost effectively.
    Residual Current Devices sense flow of current to ground. These provide network integrity protection by indicating the existance of insulation breakdown that allows current to flow to ground.

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