Single drives

Industrial drives, single drives

ABB industrial drives are designed for industrial applications, and especially for applications in process industries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas. ABB industrial drives are available both as complete AC drives and as modules to meet the requirements of the users, OEMs and system integrators.

The single drive configuration contains a rectifier, DC link and an inverter in one single AC drive unit. The single drives are complete AC drives that can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure. The single drives are available as wall-mounted, free-standing and cabinet-built constructions. The protection degree of the single drives is at least IP21, and higher protection degrees are available as an option.

Our offering

  • ACS800-01

    Wall-mounted drives
    0.55 to 200 kW

  • ACS800-07

    Cabinet-built drives
    45 to 2800 kW

  • ACS800-11

    Wall-mounted regenerative drives
    5.5 to 110 kW

  • ACS800-17LC

    Cabinet-built liquid-cooled regenerative drives
    55 to 5200 kW

  • ACS800-37

    Cabinet-built low harmonic drives
    37 to 2700 kW

  • ACS800-38

    Low harmonic drive for outdoor use
    110 to 355 kW (125 to 450 hp)

  • ACS800-02

    Free-standing drives
    45 to 560 KW

  • ACS800-07LC

    Cabinet-built liquid-cooled drives
    200 to 5600 kW

  • ACS800-17

    Cabinet-built regenerative drives
    45 to 2500 kW

  • ACS800-31

    Wall-mounted low harmonic drives
    5.5 to 110 kW

  • ACS800-37LC

    Cabinet-built liquid-cooled low harmonic drives
    55 to 5200 kW

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