Freelance Distributed Control System

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Freelance version 2013

Latest version of process control system characterized by more power, speed and functionality

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AC 900F -The new Freelance controller

More power, more speed, more functionality in a controller.

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Freelance and Cyber Security

Security is embedded in the entire product development process of Freelance. Using the “defense in depth” concept, the Freelance distributed control system (DCS) offers a host of security features.

Now available: The new Freelance version 2013

ABB channels years of experience in automation and control into its newest version Freelance 2013. With this version, we introduce the latest addition to our Freelance system, the AC 900F controller. This new controller extends the existing hardware portfolio of Freelance and is the most powerful controller within the Freelance system.

The AC 900F modular controller offers expanded flexibility via a pluggable SD card, more Ethernet ports, redundancy options for high availability and power for around 1,500 I/Os. The new AC 900F controller is ABB’s answer to the ever-increasing demands for performance and reliability in a control solution.

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OperationsApplicationsEngineering ToolControllersI/Os
DigiVisInfo Management Control Builder FAC 900F S700
Generic OPCBatch Management AC 800F S800
Panel 800 AC 700F S800L

What Makes Freelance "Essential Automation"?

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Easy to install, learn, engineer, commission, back-up, maintain and expand.



Can start as small as 25 I/Os and grow to as large as 25,000 I/Os.



Proven system with high reliability and availability.

Value for Money

Value for Money

Ease of use, small footprint and ability to run on any PC can result in savings in installation, engineering and commissioning costs.

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