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Circuit Breakers Services

With a network that spans the world, we are dedicated to addressing your service needs.

Customers’ needs are our biggest opportunity and Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Service plays a proactive role in driving change that generates value for customers; by keeping their assets reliable and extending life cycles, while protecting customers’ investments.

Our offering

  • Advanced Services

    Intelligence based services that prioritize the right actions at the right time.

  • Engineering and Consulting

    We use years of experience to deliver customized solutions to optimize on availability, reliability, maintainability and safety.

  • Installation and Commissioning

    We know how to get the best out of ABB circuit breakers. Count on our experts to get the best performance.

  • Repairs

    When a repair is required you want a fast and first-time-right intervention; Onside Repair, Workshop Repair and Technical Support.

  • Service Agreements

    Bundle individual needs into one agreement providing you the best possible performance

  • Training

    We help you increase efficiency, increase safety and reach higher job satisfaction

  • End of Life Services

    We help you in bringing new life of old equipment and are able to extend the life of your equipment.

  • Extension, Upgrades and Retrofits

    We enhance your circuit breakers with the latest technologies to increase performance and productivity: Retrofit and Upgrade.

  • Maintenance

    ABB supports you throughout the product lifecycle and supports your maintenance strategy: Preventive, Predictive, Reconditioning.

  • Replacements

    We help customers to replace the installed breakers with the latest or similar models. LCM, Old Emax, Isomax, Megamax and Limitor.

  • Spares and Consumables

    We help customers to find the balance between on-site spare parts and deliveries from ABB warehouses.

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