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Low Voltage Systems - Service

For decades ABB has been a leading manufacturer of Low-voltage switchgear with a high level of personnel safety and reliability. Our R&D department works closely with independent laboratories and test facilities to find optimal solutions.

Most of the electrical components in our switchgear are made by ABB. This gives the best guarantee for high quality.

But even the best switchgear systems need service and maintenance. ABB Low Voltage Systems has a team of highly experienced Engineers and Service Technicians who are ready to assist customers with all kind of switchgear related work.

Our local business units offers a comprehensive range of services, providing vital cost and operational savings, whilst minimizing disruption, through:

    • service agreements
    • installation & commissioning
    • training
    • spares & consumables
    • maintenance
    • repairs
    • engineering & consulting
    • advanced services
    • extension, upgrades & retrofits
    • end-of life services
    • replacement
Low voltage switchgear is always an essential part of the electrical distribution network. ABB offers different types of Service Levels depending on the customer needs. Customers who require assistance within a pre-agreed and guaranteed time should take a service agreement, MNS Care, from ABB. Should a guaranteed response time be required we recommend contacting your local ABB Low Voltage Systems representative.

Light Switchgear Assessment
A simple assessment tool is made available here to help evaluating the need for site services carried out by ABB. It requires input of ambient condition and few important switchgear condition information to analyze the need for site services such as details asset risk assessment and maintenance.

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