Frequency converters for Shore-to-Ship Power

ABB frequency converters are an economic and efficient solution to interconnect ships (60 Hz) with the public grid (50 Hz).

Shore-to-ship power helps terminal operators to comply with environmental regulations while improving air quality and noise in ports. Shore-to-ship power permits to shut down the onboard power generation unit while at berth by connecting ships to the port electricity grid. Most ships operate with 60 Hz electricity whereas local grid in most parts of the world is 50 Hz.

ABB frequency converters are an economic and efficient solution to convert the grid electricity to the appropriate frequency needed on board. Thanks to a complementary product portfolio consisting of PCS 100 SFC and PCS 6000 we are able to offer adequate frequency converter solutions ranging from 120 kVA up to 120 MVA.

ABB frequency converter packages (frequency converters, transformers and heat exchanger) are offered to system integrators. ABB also offers comprehensive turnkey shore-to-ship power solutions from the connection to the public power grid to the installation on ships.

Our offering

  • PCS 6000 SFC

    Medium voltage frequency converters [4 - 7 MVA]

  • PCS100 SFC

    Low voltage frequency converters 125 kVA to 10 MVA

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