Synchronous Reluctance Motor-Drive Packages

Get the best of both worlds. The advantages of permanent magnet technology together with the simplicity and service-friendliness of an induction platform. Each motor-drive package combines proven stator technology, an innovative magnet-free rotor design, a best-in-class industrial drive and advanced software to offer a complete, optimized solution.

Two new brochures:

1. Synchronous reluctance motor-drive package for machine builders. High performance for ultimate machine design.
ABB's machinery drive ACS850 provides compact and cost efficiency solutions together with the high output SynRM motors or high efficiency solution with the IE4 SynRM motors.

2. Synchronous reluctance motor-drive package for industrial use. Optimized cost of ownership.
ABB’s industrial drive ACS880 is primary targeted to industrial users or end users who value energy savings and reliability of IE4 SynRM motors.

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