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Terra DC charging station 53 CJ

Highway & en route DC fast charging

Drivers can count on an ABB fast charger

ABB supports all currently available open charging standards, which enables charging services to widely available electric cars. The highway and en route products can charge an EV in 15–30 minutes. All chargers can be combined with comprehensive solutions for user authorization, payment and network connectivity.

Drivers can count on an ABB charger. The 50kW DC fast chargers are designed to provide the highest possible uptime. Stainless steel enclosures and modular power architecture ensure operation under tough outdoor conditions in both hot and cold climates.

Internet-based software complements the robust hardware design. Web modules and remote service and maintenance ensure reliable operation. With global operations in 100 countries, ABB has local expertise to provide technical support if and when required.

ABB chargers can easily be integrated with your back office, using the latest APIs. This allows for smart access control and integration with Point of Sale (POS) systems. Custom services and functionality can be designed with the aid of ABB's flexible application interfaces.

Choosing ABB fast chargers means getting much more than hardware. Thanks to ABB's Internet-based connectivity platform, a future-proof, web-connected total solution is delivered.

For UL listed products available in the Americas, please click here.

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