Connected services

Get most out of your EV charging infrastructure

The success of an EV charging network depends on integrating high quality hardware with the software solutions you have in mind. ABB's Internet-based Connected services offer a complete solution to manage and maintain charging infrastructure. Flexibly connect your charging network to any back-office, payment platform or energy management solution.

Connectivity has become key for monitoring and capturing the data necessary to efficiently and cost-effectively manage charging infrastructure. ABB Connected services offer 4 key advantages:
  • Flexibility
  • Upgradability
  • High availability
  • Cost efficiency

ABB’s remote and connectivity services help customers to get the most out of their EV charging infrastructure investment. Connected services are built on a robust Internet-based IT system following the latest industry standards. ABB offers remote management of infrastructure to ensure the highest uptime and latest vehicle compatibility for your equipment.

Service providers with larger networks can easily connect their chargers to any back-office, payment platform or energy management solution with the OCPP API. The Real-time status API provides them with real-time charger information. The Support API provides technical information to support their customers better.

To smaller networks that do not have own back-office support yet, ABB offers Web modules. ABB Web modules are on-line management tools, providing charging infrastructure operators with real-time status information and usage statistics of their equipment.

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