Laboratory Spectrometers

FT-IR Laboratory Spectrometers (Fourier Transform Laboratory Analysis)

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Our offering

  • MB3000

    High performance FT-IR Laboratory Analyzer designed for research and development.

  • MB3600

    Most reliable FT-NIR Analyser specifically designed for QA/QC.

  • MB3600-CH20

    Accurate and easy-to-use analyzer for Hydroxyl Value (HOval) in polyether and polyester polyols, fatty alcohols, pentaerythritol, glycols, EO/PO and related chemistries.

  • MB3600-CH40

    FT-NIR Solids Analyzer designed for Powders, Pellets, Grains and Agrochemicals

  • MB3600-HP10

    FT-NIR laboratory analyzer designed and configured for routine hydrocarbon analysis and for easy calibration modeling and method preparation.

  • MB-Rx

    Real-time reaction monitoring made easy for laboratories and pilot plants chemists.

  • MB3000-PH

    FT-IR Spectrometer for the Pharmaceutical Industry designed for QA/QC, formulation, research and development laboratories.

  • MB3600-CH10

    This turnkey FT-NIR analyzer is pre-calibrated for Iodine Value and %Trans.

  • MB3600-CH30

    Laboratory FT-NIR for determining biodiesel properties in final product and mid-batch biodiesel samples from vegetable oil transesterification reactors.

  • MB3600-CH70

    The MB3600-CH70 Polyols Analyzer features pre-loaded calibration models for OH value determination in different families of polyols and derivatives.

  • MB3600-PH

    MB3600-PH is a FT-NIR Spectrometer for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries designed for QA/QC, Research and Development and At-line PAT Applications

  • Trade-In Offer

    ABB MB3600 Trade-in Program for the old FTLA2000-154, FTLA2000-160, MB154, MB160, and even competitor’s laboratory near-infrared analyzers.

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