Hybrid Modules

Hybrid modules offer flexible solutions with minimum footprint, pre-tested and pre-assembled units reduce installation time as no testing on site is needed. The concept Multi Functional Modules (MFM) take the advantages with hybrid modules one step further, facilitating permanent or temporary electricity distribution or generation installations.

Our offering

  • PASS M00

    small in size and weight
    for 72.5 / 100 kV

  • PASS M0

    the flexible best seller
    for 145 / 170 kV

  • PASS M0S 245 kV

    modules for an easy and fast erection and commissioning time up to 420 kV

  • Multifunctional Modules

    MFM is the new modular concept for building electrical installations, fully assembled and tested in factory, designed for easy transportation and installation.

  • PASS M00 Wind

    special application for offshore wind farms
    for 72.5 / 100 kV

  • PASS M0 Railway

    special application for railway
    from 110 kV to 170 kV

  • PASS M0 H

    A flexible and compact module for H configuration-substations up to 170 kV

  • Service

    The service portfolio is created to cover all essential parts needed to give your hybrid module a long and healthy lifetime.

Components and accessories



A medium power spring-operated mechanism for high voltage applications



A very powerful spring-drive for high end applications at high voltage level

Motor Drive

Motor Drive

A revolutionary concept for the operation of high voltage circuit breakers.

Monitoring and controlled switching

Monitoring and controlled switching

Electronic devices to ease your life and get the maximum out of your switchgear


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