The 145 kV Type PM63-B

Dead Tank Power Circuit Breakers

ABB designs and manufactures dead tank circuit breakers in a complete range of configurations up to 800 kV that provide solutions for today's power requirements. All products are factory tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

Our offering

  • 72PM

    Type PM, 38-72.5 kV, up to 40 kA

  • 145PM-B

    Type PM-B, 123-145 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 145PMI

    Type PMI, 121-169 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 245PMG-B

    Type PMG-B, 245 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 362PMI

    Type PMI, 362 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 800PM

    Type PM, 800 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 72PMI

    Type PMI, 38-72.5 kV, up to 40 kA

  • 145PM

    Type PM, 121-169 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 242PMR

    Type PMR, 242 kV, up to 40 kA

  • 245PMI-B

    Type PMI-B, 245 kV, up to 63 kA

  • 550PM

    Type PM, 550 kV, up to 63 kA

Components and accessories



A medium power spring-operated mechanism for high voltage applications



Operating mechanism portfolio for high voltage circuit breakers from 52 to 1000 kV

Monitoring and controlled switching

Monitoring and controlled switching

Electronic devices to ease your life and get the maximum out of your switchgear

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