Power Transmission Applications

ABB is the global market leader for water cooling systems. We cover over 50% of the HVDC & SVC installations globally.

We design, build, deliver and support solutions with guaranteed operational performance. Our “Swedewater” cooling systems are available with cooling capacities from a few kilowatts up to several megawatts.

We also develop customer specific systems- one piece as well as multi piece or series solutions, in which cases a supply agreement is recommended.

In the list below we present different application areas:

Application AreaDescription
HVDC Cooling SystemsHVDC cooling systems are project specific. Water purity in general and low conductivity in particular are essential quality factors. Our Cooling Systems are designed with redundancy for vital components as well as for control to secure flawless quality and highest availability.
SVC Cooling SystemsCooling Systems for static var compensators. Layouts are often complex and short lead times are important, hence our experience and modular concept is of great value.

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