Live Tank Circuit Breakers

ABB has over a century of experience in developing, testing and manufacturing high voltage circuit breakers. Through the years, our circuit breakers have aquired a reputation for high reliability and long life in all climates and in all parts of the world. ABB has a long experience using spring-drive operating mechanisms to ensure the highest reliability. The circuit breakers are used in special applications i.e. capacitor bank, shunt reactor, transformer, bypass and HVDC switching.

Our offering

  • EDF SK

    Maximum rated breaking current 31.5 kA, up to 84 kV

  • EDT

    Maximum rated breaking current 31.5 kA, up to 72,5 kV

  • LTB E

    Maximum rated breaking current 50 kA, up to 800 kV

  • LTB D

    Maximum rated breaking current 40 kA, up to 170 kV

  • HPL B

    Maximum rated breaking current 80 kA, up to 800 kV

  • LTA

Components and accessories



A medium power spring-operated mechanism for high voltage applications



A very powerful spring-drive for high end applications at high voltage level

Motor Drive

Motor Drive

A revolutionary concept for the operation of high voltage circuit breakers.



A low power spring-drive for high voltage circuit breakers

Monotoring and controlled switching

Monotoring and controlled switching

Electronic devices to ease your life and get the maximum out of your switchgear

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