IEC Current Transformers

Our offering

  • Indoor CT Bar Primary Bushing

    With bar primary conductor so constructed that it can be used as a bushing

  • Indoor CT Bushing

    Without primary conductor but with primary insulation of their own , which can be used as a bushing.

  • Indoor CT Support (Post)

    Arranged to act as a support for the conductor in the primary circuit

  • LV Current Transformers

    Designed for indoor applications in climatic conditions: temperate (N3), tropical (T3) and marine (MU), maximal service voltage 0.72 kV, 50 Hz

  • Indoor CT Bus

    Without primary conductor, but with primary insulation which can be fitted directly over a conductor or busbar.

  • Indoor CT Cable

    Without primary conductor and primary insulation of their own, which can be mounted over an insulated cable.

  • Indoor/Outdoor CT Special Application

    Outlets of generator, summation CTs,..

  • Outdoor CT

    Can be used under outdoor service conditions ( ambient air temperature, humidity, pollution,...)

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