Feeder Automation

The continously growing requirements for disturbance-free electric distribution creates a need for extended automation. The total concept offered by ABB contains reliable automated switches, remote monitoring and control units, versatile communication possibilities and network control system with feeder automation software. All these together offer a concept required in a MV overhead line network and by the deregulated electric market.

An objective for ABB feeder automation concept is to offer the utilities a system which they can use for reducing outage times, shortening restoration times, improving power quality, reducing the amount of undelivered energy and cutting maintenance costs.

Our offering

  • REC 523

    Bay Control Terminal
    Remote and local control, protection and fault indication of secondary substations

  • REC603

    Wireless Controller
    Remote control and monitoring of secondary substations, three objects

  • RER615

    Recloser Protection and Control

  • REC601

    Wireless Controller
    Remote control and monitoring of secondary substations

  • REC615

    Remote Monitoring and Control

  • RER620

    Dedicated recloser IED
    For utility distribution feeders and industrial power systems

Supported Legacy Products

  • REC 501

    Bay Control Terminal
    Remote and local control of secondary substations
    Outdated product, replaced by REC601/REC603, REC 523

  • SPEF 3A2 C

    Fault indicator
    Used with disconnector terminal units for detection of short circuits, earth faults & phase discontinuity

RTU solutions

RTU540 DIN Rail

RTU540 DIN Rail

For distribution automation and smart grid applications

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