Extended actuator teamwork
Extended actuator teamwork. The long standing problem with flatness control in multi actuator mills is now solved by ABB

Force Measurement

We provide a comprehensive range of force measurement products designed to improve control, productivity and quality in a wide variety of processes and industries.

Our products measure mechanical and geometrical variables. Dominating technologies are in the field of magnetics (Pressductor® Technology) and pulsed eddy current (PEC).

Our offering

  • Stressometer 8.1 FSA

    Stressometer 8.1 FSA for flatness measurement and control for cold rolling mills.

  • Roll Force Measurement PFV140

    A truly measured roll force is crucial in achieving correct roll gap settings, true force distribution from operator side to drive side of your mill and supervision of the backup bearings and roll eccentricity.

  • Strip Tension PFB140

    Customized load cells - designed for your specific mill and your specific need.

  • Web Tension PFT100

    PillowBlock horizontal load cells are ideal in applications characterized by low tension levels, heavy rolls and high operating speeds.

  • Web Tension PFC300, PFT300

    For measuring either horizontal or vertical forces in both directions on most types of web processing machinery.

  • Strain Gauge Weighing

    Weighing systems for the heavy industries.

  • Thickness Gauging

    Non-contact thickness measurement based on Pulsed Eddy Current.

  • Strip Width & Position

    High, consistent quality is always the aim when producing steel, aluminium or copper strip.

  • Strip Tension PFC200, PFT200

    In order to reach the highest possible accuracy, a strip tensiometer is the best and most reliable alternative during cold rolling.

  • Web Tension PFR100

    For measuring web tension with shaft-mounted load cells, the Pressductor® Radial Load Cell System is a high-quality system that provides exceptional and long-lasting performance.

  • Engine Monitoring PFP200* 3.2

    Cylmate - a system for continuous engine performance measurement and monitoring.

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