Engineering and Consulting

Identify opportunities and implement solutions to improve system and equipment performance, production processes and regulatory compliance

Engineering solutions and studies are available such as short circuit, arc flash, integration, system reliability, and distribution automation and protection studies.

Short circuit
Short circuit studies are usually performed when changes are made to an existing system, including the installation of new power equipment or the reconfiguration of existing equipment. MV Service has the expertise to provide these studies to ensure the proper coordination and protection settings related to the electrical equipment and system.

Arc flash
Arc flash studies reveal the potential arc flash temperature at a particular piece of equipment in the event of a fault. These studies are performed to determine the necessary level of protective equipment or clothing to be worn by workers in close proximity to these potential arcs. These studies also help determine the proper application of any arc flash mitigation equipment to be installed.

Integration studies find the most efficient and economical approach to the integration and application of ABB and other manufacturer’s equipment into a site installation. This includes identifying system protection requirements and the proper devices to provide system protection.

System reliability
System reliability improvement studies involve the general analysis of an electrical power system to determine the cause of power system failures or reduced reliability. ABB will recommend configuration changes and additional equipment necessary to correct system failures and improve overall system reliability.

Distribution automation and protection studies
Short-circuit and protection coordination studies
Installing additional reclosers or other protection devices requires updated short-circuit and protection studies to ensure proper protection system operation. ABB engineers can develop or modify models of your feeders, perform short-circuit analysis, and coordinate your feeder’s protection.

Protective device studies
After performing short-circuit analysis and protection coordination studies, ABB can program your ABB PCD with the proper settings.

Cost/Benefit analysis of recloser applications
Using ABB ReliNetTM software, ABB can perform a reliability analysis of your system. This analysis calculates improvements in reliability indices, such as SAIDI and SAIFI, when reclosers are applied in different configurations.

Distribution automation strategies
ABB can help you achieve your organization’s goals by analyzing the performance of existing distribution lines to provide a cost-benefit analysis of the different technologies and strategies that can improve your system reliability.

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