Services and products to evolve or upgrade to the next generation of hardware and software using specialized benchmarking and failure mode analysis techniques.

In view of the demand for continuous improvement and optimisation in managing assets and plants, ABB provides solutions which allow the useful life of medium voltage switchgear to be extended. The options available include:
  • complete overhauling and refurbishment of switchgear, in accordance with the original specification with warranty.
  • apparatus upgrading by means of retrofitting switching, protection and control devices.
  • protection and control device upgrading for the highest levels of the protection and control systems.
  • product upgrading to increase safety (for example, by means of installation of electric arc detection devices and systems.

Safety Upgrades

Remote Racking

Remote racking provides a safer operating environment for personnel through the proven method of adding distance between the operator and arc flash incident energy at the switchgear site, bringing operation of power circuit breakers to a new level of safety. (Offered via third party Safe-T-Rack)

Infrared Port

Infrared ports (IR) take thermal measurements with doors closed for added safety.


VisiVolt is visual bus indicator that displays when the bus is hot, making localization of faults easier, providing higher safety level for service people, and helping to avoid accidents.

REA arc flash mitigation relay

REA arc flash mitigation relays use a patented fiber-optic sensor technology that instantaneously detects light from an arc to signal a “trip” to the designated circuit breaker in less than 2.5 ms, minimizing an arc flash incident.


Is-limiter current limiter device is fast operating interrupting device that limits the short circuit current to a level that breakers and buses can withstand, protecting property and personnel.

Ultra Fast Earthing Switch (UFES)

UFES ultra fast earthing switches – detection and grounding of faults in times significantly faster than breaker clearing times, leading to the avoidance of injury and damage and the reduction of production outages.

Relay upgrades

Relay upgrades - microprocessor relays operate faster than electromechanical and support faster clearing times

Arc flash studies

Arc flash studies - reveal the potential arc flash temperature at a particular piece of equipment in the event of a fault, performed to determine the necessary level of protective equipment (PPE) or clothing to be worn by workers in close proximity to these potential arcs

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