Extension, Upgrades and Retrofits

Low and medium voltage switchgear and circuit breakers

Retrofits can extend the life of your equipment and reduce operating costs.
Low voltage circuit breakers - retrofits involve the replacement of electromechanical controls with new solid state control units that incorporate the current standards of overcurrent and ground fault protection

Switchgear - retrofits include upgrading to a higher operating and interrupting rating, including bus upgrades. Retrofits also include a retrofill offering where a new switchgear cell and circuit breaker is inserted into an existing switchgear cell

Relay retrofits

  • REA arc flash safety protection - upgrade existing equipment

    REA arc flash safety protection - upgrade existing equipment

    ABB can offer: arc flash calculation, design and installation of the REA system, training for customers on installation of the REA system. The REA has been successfully tested in some of the vintage air magnetic breaker switchgear including: ABB 15 HK, GE AM, Westinghouse DHP, and all medium voltage vacuum breaker switchgear.

  • On-site relay panel retrofits

    On-site relay panel retrofits

    Existing panels are modified and retrofitted at the customer’s location. ABB replaces obselete relays with new microprocessor relays in the existing panels. In addition, we will provide the necessary engineering, documentation, relay settings, and commissioning to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Upgrade electromechanical relays to microprocessor

    Upgrade electromechanical relays to microprocessor

    Swap out older electromechanical relays for new functionality, protection and control available in newer microprocessor relays.

Recloser retrofits

  • Cooper recloser control retrofit

    Cooper recloser control retrofit

    The ABB PCD control can retrofit Cooper control types: Kyle®/Cooper Form 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 4C, FXA and FXB recloser controls. The easy installation can be completed in five simple steps. There are many advantages to upgrading including enhanced protection capability, advanced communication capability, loop control capability, and many more.

  • ES, ESM and ESV recloser control retrofit

    ES, ESM and ESV recloser control retrofit

    Westinghouse and ABB automatic power reclosers Type ES, ESM and ESV had either the MTR electronic control or electromechanical CO, RC or RCS relays. Although these reclosers and controls have had excellent performance records over the years, significant advancements have been made in recloser controls. These reclosers can now be updated by converting existing controls to the ABB DPU2000R or PCD.

Retrofit Solutions Database

Retrofit Solutions Database

Switchgear solutions & Protection Solutions

Documentation from Retrofit Solution Providers

Documentation from Retrofit Solution Providers

Brochures, presentations, reference lists, etc.

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