System 800xA Case Studies

System 800xA extends the reach of traditional automation systems beyond control of the process for all of the major industrial process manufacturing facilities globally. Since its introduction in 2004, we are fast approaching having an impressive 10,000 installed systems spanning 100 countries.

Below you can find some examples of how 800xA has increased engineering efficiency, operator effectiveness, safety and asset utilization through an improved collaboration between people and systems.

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"A cool, greener life" for Singapore’s first multi-plant district cooling networkEnergy;FacilityEnterprise Asset Optimization
ABB secures food cultures on timeFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness
An energy-efficient boiler provides eco-friendly energy to MölndalEnergyIntegrated Safety
Arkema Marseille migrates to System 800xA DCS family Result – a more efficient control of its processChemicalEvolution
Arkema St Auban evolves to System 800xA DCS family ABB unique in handling third-party replacement from Emerson ProvoxChemicalEvolution
Better flow at UnileverFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness
Boliden improves efficiency with aid of snapshot reportMinerals & MiningOperator Effectiveness
Boliden saves a lot of money with ventilation that is governed by needsMinerals & MiningOperator Effectiveness
Change of generation at CheminovaChemicalEvolution
Chettinad Cement in India - Building blocks of efficiency with state-of-the-art automationMinerals & MiningOperator Effectiveness
E.ON’s hydropower plant in Flåsjö is a world pioneer – control of process and power in the same system using IEC 61850EnergyAutomaton and Power Integration
Fresh air for alert students at Jönköping University in SwedenFacilityOperator Effectiveness
Full control of Absolut availability, quality and energy efficiencyFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness;Enterprise Asset Optimization
Full integration of business system increases productivityFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness;Enterprise Asset Optimization
Full-scale simulation for "Full Gas"Oil & GasOperator Effectiveness
Fully automated ESD System for major gas plantEnergyIntegrated Safety
Goro Nickel showcases ABB's System 800xA, Automation Life Cycle and On-Site Service capabilitiesMinerals & MiningOperator Effectiveness;Integrated Safety
Imperial College carbon capture pilot plant Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s worldOil & GasOperator Effectiveness
Improved operations and asset health using System 800xA with IEC 61850Minerals & MiningAutomaton and Power Integration
Improved water quality, faster leak detection and major energy savings at Mälarenergi in SwedenWaterEvolution
Lightning in a bottle? Solar power in a chipChemical 
Major CMC manufacturer Amtex blends System 800xA batch control into processesChemicalOperator Effectiveness
Methanol producer with world-class operator environment for full and effective process controlOil & GasOperator Effectiveness
Multisystem integration future-proofing New Zealand’s hydro resourcesEnergyOperator Effectiveness
NBE Sweden is squeezing ethanol out of woodChemicalSustainable Solutions
Petrobras lowers lifecycle costs with System 800xA and IEC 61850EnergyAutomaton and Power Integration
Potatoes to protein with a new control system at Lyckeby StarchFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness
Precision & Control: System 800xA at work at Lafarge cement plantMinerals & MiningOperator Effectiveness
Production of health nutrition with System 800xA Nutricia selected an ABB control system for more efficient productionFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness
Replacing Siemens with ABB System 800xAFood & BeverageEvolution
Server virtualization saves Mälarenergi running costs and increase reliabilityEnergyVirtualization
Simulator gave Östrand skilled operators from day onePulp & PaperOperator Effectiveness
Simulator provides multiple benefits for LKABMinerals & MiningOperator Effectiveness;Integrated Safety
Smart automation and power integration in accordance with IEC 61850 at chemical plantChemicalAutomaton and Power Integration
Structured data logger – the key to growth for Danish CrownFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness
System 800xA A plus for simulators for the control system in Södra Cell’s Värö mill in SwedenPulp & PaperOperator Effectiveness
System 800xA Argentine brewery upgrades active phase systemFood & BeverageEvolution
System 800xA Beyond beer production: Environmental stewardship and sustainabilityFood & BeverageOperator Effectiveness
System 800xA joins "rubbish" revolutionEnergyOperator Effectiveness
System 800xA PMS: Energy efficiencies for Thailand's largest gas groupOil & GasAutomaton and Power Integration;Operator Effectiveness
The "whey" to efficiency Seamless technology switch over to System 800xA at Bregott factoryFood & BeverageEvolution
The Food vs Fuel Dilemma
New bio-ethanol process using biowaste eases debate with System 800xA
ChemicalOperator Effectiveness
The pulp mill that became a major energy supplierEnergyOperator Effectiveness

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